Leaflet plugin for multi vendors maps & projections ( OSM, Maps.Refuges.Info, ThunderForest Outdoors, Cycles, Landscape, Transport, IGN France, SwissTopo, IDEE España, IGM Italia, OS Great Britain, Kompass Austria, Bing Microsoft, Google maps, ...)

This demo runs on Leaflet V

Hover the switcher icon on top right of the map & click on the required layer.

See the javascript code of this demo here and here

To get a local demo, copy the html source of this page on a local .html file & call it from your brother (no PHP required).

Depends on kartena/Proj4Leaflet/lib/proj4.js & src/proj4leaflet.js

Sources & docs on Github Dominique92/Leaflet.Map.MultiVendors

Demo of France IGN layers,   SwissTopo,   Spain IDEE layer,   IGM Italia layer

Visit my fully integrated Dominique92/MyLeaflet library